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Files to be downloaded into your own software ...

The files available on this page need Mountain 3D to be opened

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To use the files "xxx.vue" linked to the images here under, please click inside them, download them, unzip them, then make them opened by Mountain 3D. Then you will be able to work on them at your conveniance (colors, angle and framing, wheather, forest, and other adjustements ... )

West Alps Forest Pyramid Beaches Winter Monument Trees Isles Pics

Geography: The "xxx.vue" files to be downloaded here below are based on the same principle as previous above, but they discribe real landscapes.

Vercors Mont Blanc Nice

Nota: Those files can be read ore modified even if you don't have the registered version of Mountain 3D. But the images produced by the evaluation copy will have a smaller size (max 630 x 460 pixels) that those produced by the registered version and defined in the file xxx.vue (800 x 600 pixels or more).

Download here the main software package Mountain 3D Download here Mountain 3D (Size of 3 115 Ko).

Files of elevation matrix DEM and ASCII-Z. Here below you can find a first list of 3D geografic map files to import into Mountain 3D, DEM or TXT (ASCII-Z) format. You can import parts into Mountain 3D (Download, unzip, then activate "import..." into Mountain 3D). Choose extension DEM or TXT according to the kind of file. You can later work on the lansdscapes at your conveniance using Mountain 3D. Other maps will be available shortly on this page...

Video files If you have the last version v3.1 of Mountain 3D, vous can make a video file of more than one minute in 800x600 and sized 35 MO, which will cost several hours of computation, according to processor power. When you will open those files with Mountain 3D, the fixed image will draw itself first, and then the video will be generated. Of course, you will be able to interrupt it at any moment, to alter the parameters and resart later. If you have only the evaluation copy, you will be able to read it but the image size is limited to 640 x 480, and the playing time is limited to 30 seconds.

You can see here a detailed description of the coasts of Finistère : Brittany and Finistere coast

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