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Results of "Visual DEM Vistapro" importations ...

The images below have been generated by Mountain 3D from files "visual DEM Vistapro". Those files describe the elevation of the ground (Digital Elevation Model).

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Mountain 3D allows you to import DEM files, that covers the whole USA (DEM USGS), France by a step of 75m and Alps by a step of 30 m (Visual DEM). The three first images show the headland of West Brittany as seen from the West. The definition is 75 meters. You can see here a more detailed description of the coasts of Finistère : Brittany and Finistere coast

The next images represents Toulon bay, Paris flooded, Lyon site, Grenoble site and Pyrenees mountain, as seen from Spain (Peña valley). Only the relief is shown, without any sky and vegetation, in order to appreciate the precision of the relief (step of 30 meters). Texture of surface area (snow, rocks, grass) has also been generated by Mountain 3D. Of course, like the other virtual landscapes shown in addition, not any retouch has been brought to those pictures.

If you are interested to get the files Visual DEM of whole France (step 75 m) and Alps for all Europe (step 30 m), including Switserland, Italy, Austria, which are very difficult to find, please write to the author.

To see one of these pictures in large size, click inside it (The JPEG images are 800x600 and weight between 120 and 160 Ko)

Brittany - Raz headland Brittany - Crozon headland Brittany - Douarnenez bay Brittany - Douarnenez bay, aerial view Finistere, Brittany Mont-Blanc on the left and Chamonix valley on the right. The lanscape is covered with trees and oaks in the valley, fir trees on the slopes on medium altitudes. Those trees have been placed by Mountain 3D according to slope and altitude. Rivers have been automaticly redrawn along the valleys. Massif of Vercors, French Alps near Grenoble, Fas seen from the North. Nice bay, France, as seen from the sea Giens headland, and Toulon in the background Paris site, flooded under the sea 36 meters higher than now Lyon (France) Grenoble site Pyrénées from Spain  Chablais (Evian) from Leman lake

The last version of Mountain 3D (v3.1), allows to show a landscape with its real colours imported from an aerial picture, mapped on the ground itself. If you wish to see an area (France or United States) from sky, I can provide the images and videos on a CD-ROM, and then you will be able to produce them yourself. If you are interested, please contact me . You can judge now the result by looking below two views of Grenoble area. You can see the city an suburbs itself. The first image shows the pure picture mapped on the relief. The second adds a mist effect, and a transparency effect between the picture and coulours belonging to Mountain 3D

Grenoble picture Grenoble vith mist and transparency Crozon headland

Here on the right you can see two videos showing Douarnenez bay and Crozon peninsula in Brittany, France, created by Mountain 3D.
The second one shows the colors coming from an aerial photography.
Those videos have been encoded in Mpeg4 - H264 in 640x480 points .

If you have already installed Mountain 3D on your computer, you will be able to download here the description files of the landcapes shown on the top in order to rebuild them later.

GUEST BOOK : You can read here the guestbook about Mountain 3D.

Send directly your comments and questions about the software and the images above to the author Corentin Jain. Write to the author

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