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Virtual landscape gallery ...

All the pictures below has been generated from scratch by Mountain 3D alone, without any later retouch.

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To see one of these pictures in large size, click inside it (The JPEG images are 800x600 and weight between 120 and 160 Ko)

Coast Alpes Forest Beaches Winter Provence Monument The End of history Trees Reflets Jungle Tropicals Dawn of the times Iles High summits

You can see here other images resulting of Visual DEM files importation.

Here on the right you can see two litte movies, one representing and island, the other a snowy mountain. Those two clips were entirely created in virtual landscapes mode by Mountain 3D. These movies prefigures the potential of Mountain 3D. The two movies were encoded in Mpeg 4 - H264 in 640x480 points.

If you have already installed Mountain 3D on your computer, you can download here the description files of some of the images here above in order to rebuilt them later

GUEST BOOK : You can read here the guest book

Send directly your comments and questions about the software and the images above to the author Corentin Jain. Write to the author

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